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Glass chopping board with your bespoke design

Chopping boards are needed in every kitchen, whether you cook a lot or the kitchen tends to stay cold. That’s why the usual chopping boards made of wood or plastic wear out quickly and discolour with frequent use. Glass chopping boards are a great alternative, as they don’t take on the colour of paprika and the like, even when used frequently, but remain attractive. The DEQORI glass chopping board is extremely scratch-resistant and is made of shatterproof safety glass. As a result, no furrows and grooves form on the surface, which stops bacteria from hiding. The chopping board can be cleaned very easily and is always hygienic and clean. Odours also have no chance of settling on the glass.

The classic is the breakfast board, on which you can not only fill your rolls, but also cut cheese and vegetable side dishes at the same time. At DEQORI you will find many great glass breakfast boards in various designs, which are also wonderfully suitable as a personal gift idea. For example, design an engraved breakfast board that will delight the recipient every day and, for example, welcome the day with a happy saying. You can also individually design a breakfast board with a personal photo and thus have the perfect gift idea, for example with a photo of the grandchildren for loving grandmas and grandpas.

You can have your chopping board made in different designs at DEQORI – just as you and your family need it. A large chopping board is great for cooking for the whole family. Commercially available chopping boards are often too small, especially if you are preparing large quantities of potatoes. A large glass chopping board can also be used very well for preparing baked goods: Not only can you knead your bread dough here, you can also roll out and display cookie dough. Especially when baking with children, cookie dough can be easily prepared together on the dining table without the table getting dirty.

If you’re still looking for a great housewarming gift, a photographic chopping board is a practical yet personal choice. When not in use, it can be placed decoratively like a picture on the kitchen wall, protecting the wall from splashes that are unavoidable when cooking. You can easily design the glass chopping board yourself with a photo. Simply upload your favourite picture to DEQORI and position it as you wish. Bespoke lettering rounds off your design and gives the chopping board a very personal touch. Of course you can also design the chopping board very simply and choose the colours and designs to match your kitchen. For example, a marble-look chopping board can blend so wonderfully into your kitchen and look so deceptively real that at first glance it can hardly be distinguished from real stone. In contrast, however, it is of course much easier to care for. Since the chopping board is in daily use in many families, it often remains on the work surface or is quickly leaned against the back wall. With a stylish design, for example a work of art or a landscape photo, it is not only practical, but also a great accessory. At DEQORI you will find numerous designs for different boards, among which there is certainly something for your own kitchen.

If you are looking for a glass chopping board, you should also take a look at our glass hob covers. Both can be perfectly combined, which not only saves space, but also spices up and protects the hob. If you don’t need the hob at a particular moment, you can easily use the area as a work surface. This solution works well, especially in small kitchens, as it allows you to make best use of the limited surface space and at the same time give the kitchen a personal touch with a beautiful design.


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