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Help and FAQ

How do I order from DEQORI?

Hopefully you’ve quickly found what you’re looking for in our well-stocked online shop. You can continue with the purchase process by adding products to the shopping basket and placing your order in just two more steps. In the first step, you navigate to the shopping cart or even skip this step and go directly to the checkout. Once there, you enter your delivery/billing address, payment method and check your order again. The ‘Buy Now’ button lets you place your order and you will also receive an email confirmation. We will continue to keep you up to date by email until we receive the goods.

My product was damaged in transit

Our packages are double checked before leaving the production site or the logistics centre. Nevertheless, in individual cases, products can be damaged in transit by the parcel courier. If you are affected, please contact us and give us a description of the problem. Ideally, you should also send us pictures of the goods and the damage directly. We will then take a look at the incident in detail and find a suitable solution together.

How long does production and delivery take?

Before purchasing, please always note the specified delivery time for each respective product. We deliver some products within a few working days, whereas individually designed products can take approx. 10 working days to process. In most cases, however, the processing time is only a maximum of 5 working days before the order is shipped. You can find more information about shipping and delivery time on the Shipping page.

I haven't received my parcel/package yet

We will always inform you by email of your current order status, even when your order has been packed and it’s on its way to you. Our notifications will give you a link to the parcel service provider and a tracking number for your order. This lets you track where your delivery is and its expected arrival date. If you have not received an email (not even in your spam/junk folder) or if you have further questions about the delivery, please contact us.

Difference between real glass and acrylic

The direct differences and terminology are not immediately clear to everyone. This may also be due to the fact that we often use the term ‘real glass’ in our shop. Behind this is common tempered glass, which is shock-cooled under high pressure after thermal air treatment. Tempered glass can break under high loads, but then falls apart into smaller pieces with no sharp edges. This greatly reduces the risk of injury. Tempered glass also has high shock and impact resistance as well as scratch resistance.

The alternative to real glass is UV-resistant acrylic glass, also known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). This is a much lighter material, which is significantly stronger and more shatterproof than conventional flat glass. This makes it better suited for large wall pictures in particular.

Acrylic glass: care instructions and cleaning

So that you can enjoy your decoration for a long time, it is advised to clean it at regular intervals. Acrylic glass has a surface which can be easily damaged, which is why you should avoid dry cleans and instead always wipe the acrylic glass panes with a damp cloth. Ideally, you should use a microfibre cloth that is dampened with a mild cleaning agent and lukewarm water. Washing-up liquid or anti-static plastic cleaners are well suited to cleaning and caring for acrylic glass.

Real glass: care instructions and cleaning

Real glass (tempered glass) is easier to care for than its acrylic glass counterpart because it is not as easy to damage. Both quick dry cleans and more intensive, slightly damp cleaning are possible. Use a microfibre cloth, a sponge or a synthetic chamois leather and be careful not to use any scouring or aggressive cleaning agents.

Installation instructions for wall decorations

Most of our wall decorations come with flexible metal hangers on the back. In addition, spacers on the wall pictures and wall clocks achieve the desired floating effect. Now that you have determined a height and position on the wall, you should measure the distances between the mounts and drill holes in the wall at the relevant points. Dowels and screws are then sunk into these holes. However, make sure that these are not sunk too deep into the wall and do not protrude too far, so that they might damage the glass when hanging. If you have taken this into account, you can now hang up the decoration and you’re done!


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