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Decorative and safe stove coverings

One of the most important appliances in every household is the stove. Most people use it almost every day. Older models in particular are often not just worn out and unsightly. They stay warm for a long time after use and can be dangerous, especially for children or pets. A safe and practical solution is a hob cover plate, which you can now easily design yourself at DEQORI. Glass stove covers from DEQORI are available in various formats and in one or two parts, for example as two-part ceramic covers. You can either cover the whole stove or use two rings. Since this works for many dishes, you will have even more storage space available with the matching two-piece ceramic field cover. One-piece hob covers, on the other hand, are great for anyone who often uses several rings and wants to remove the cover with one hand. The advantage of this is that the glass plate can simply be put away, used as a chopping board and then cleaned in the sink. Spacers under the glass plate ensure that the glass plate does not get too hot even with warm ceramic hobs and does not wobble when used as a chopping board. In addition, the rubber feet ensure a good grip on the ceramic plate and prevent it from slipping off. This protects your stove, makes everyday life easier for you and ensures that your children cannot get to the ring. With the fantastic photo prints that you can find at DEQORI, you can also design the hob surface the way you like it best.

Especially in small kitchens, glass hob covers offer a way to quickly create space. You can simply conceal old stoves – a perfect solution for rented apartments with fitted kitchens. The hob covers for ceramic hobs bring your personal touch to your rental kitchen without you having to change anything. Whether you choose a bright photo in bright colours or a wooden or stone look is entirely up to you. You can easily bring popular natural stone surfaces, such as marble or granite, into your own home as a glass hob cover and have a much easier-to-care-for surface than real natural stones. At DEQORI you will find plenty of inspiration for your glass hob cover.

Glass hob covers don’t just look good: a glass cooker cover plate is versatile and makes your everyday kitchen life easier. It serves as a splashback in the kitchen. The glass hob cover is easy to clean and the joints of your tiled mirror are protected. Another advantage is that you can use the glass plate as a chopping board at the same time. One-piece stove tops provide enough space to chop everything you need to cook. The smooth, scratch- and shatter-proof surface is hygienic and offers no place for bacteria to hide. No odours can stick and there’s no chance of staining, as is often the case with turmeric, for example. In small kitchens, you not only save yourself countless wooden and plastic chopping boards, but you can also use a small area. If you don’t want to cook on the stove, you can simply use the glass plate as another work surface. Two-piece stove covers are just as practical here because you can easily keep chopping while cooking. This saves you a lot of walking when cooking and allows you to cook even faster and more effectively. The chopping board is also very suitable as an easy-care surface for baking: Here you can roll out cookie dough, prepare your pizza or knead bread dough directly in the oven. You can also place finished casseroles or cakes directly on the glass hob cover, let them cool down or portion them. This saves you walking and protects heat-sensitive surfaces in the kitchen.

DEQORI glass hob covers are made from high-quality safety glass and can be printed with many beautiful designs. The printing technique allows the designs to appear deceptively real. At DEQORI you will find many popular looks, for example concrete-look hob covers, which lets you bring the modern industrial theme into your home without having to retile the kitchen. Design hob covers can be provided with one of our many coloured and black and white designs or designed yourself. Here you can get creative and design the glass cover so that it fits your kitchen perfectly. In addition to many photo designs that you can get from DEQORI, you will also find brown hob covers. These are especially nice if your work surface is made of wood or has a wood look. Whether monochrome or printed with a wood-look design, your hob cover goes with the colour of the worktop and gives the kitchen a uniform look. This makes the room look much tidier.

A classic that never goes out of style, the hob covers with appetising food designs. We offer you many high-resolution photos that will make your mouth water. The perfect basis for cooking and maybe also a small suggestion for everyday cooking. This is how you inject colour into your kitchen in just a few simple steps without renovating.


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