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Glass wall pictures: the centrepiece of your home

Your home should always reflect your personal taste and be your personal oasis of calm. The right decoration gives your home that personal touch. This works particularly well with wall pictures that take you to your favourite places, remind you of beautiful moments or simply invite you to dream. Tempered glass wall pictures are the classy and high quality option. In DEQORI’s shop, you can have your favourite design printed on glass in many different formats, or you can browse through our many designs, ranging from detailed still lifes to wonderful travel-themed designs. If you’re still looking for inspiration for unusual wall art for the living room or bedroom, you will certainly find what you are looking for at DEQORI.

Glass wall pictures have a timeless elegance and can be combined with almost any style of furnishing. Thanks to a special printing technique, the colours are brilliant and the designs look deceptively real. The printing technique gives the images a 3D look, which really brings out the best in high-resolution photos. This lets you put your favourite photos up with little effort needed as wall art in the bedroom or in the kitchen. With an XXL wall picture, you will amaze your visitors and create a real centrepiece for your home.

In contrast to classic pictures, for example on canvas, glass pictures are modern and do not require any unsightly frames. They are supplied with suitable suspension and have small spacers on the lower edges. As a result, the pictures are mounted at a small distance from the wall and almost appear as though they are floating in front of the wall. The light reflected by the glass and that penetrates from the side creates colour effects that brilliantly emphasise the design. Wall pictures for children’s bedrooms look particularly colourful and lively. Perhaps you’ve already found the perfect wall picture for your child in the DEQORI shop. DEQORI wall pictures are printed on high-quality safety glass, which is extremely tough and therefore also ideal for decorating children’s rooms. Even if a ball is thrown at the picture, the picture will remain undamaged. Of course, the corners of the picture are rounded and the surface is scratch-resistant. Whether in a child’s room or in the kitchen, a major advantage of the material is that it can be easily cleaned with a microfibre cloth.

Colourful wall pictures can work especially well when they feature close-ups. If you’re still looking for an unusual design, take a look at the pictures of nature. Structures of flowers, wood or plants are not only timelessly elegant, but also fascinate with their details and captivating colour gradients. Wall pictures with designs from the culinary world are particularly popular for the kitchen – the sight of hot chillies or fragrant coffee beans makes your mouth water, because as a glass picture, they look deceptively real. Even if you are looking for a stylish decoration for your restaurant, you’ll quickly find what you are looking for amongst our glass wall pictures.

However, wall pictures in black and white also look unique due to the print on decorative glass and grab everyone’s attention. The glossy surface of the glass is almost reminiscent of a photo from a bygone age, but the modern material transports it to the present. Black and white designs, such as portraits or landscapes, come into their own particularly well in front of a coloured wall. They’re also very suited to being given as gifts, for example for a wedding, as they can be combined in many ways and customised.

Our custom production means that we can offer a variety of formats for your individualised glass picture: In addition to rectangular pictures, which can be printed in both portrait and landscape formats, you can also choose square glass pictures. This format works great when several designs are combined to create a design to cover a whole wall. Also exciting are multi-part wall pictures in different formats, which are hung at a certain distance. Here you can either divide a design into several glass pictures or add different designs to create an interesting collage. As you will realise, there are almost endless possibilities to make your wall decoration unique. Just get started and browse through our DEQORI shop or try out designing your own wall picture with our configurator with your own photo. Your imagination is the limit!


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