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Magnetic Boards


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Magnetic boards made of glass – notes and snapshots perfectly staged

A notice board for your notes, postcards and photos brings order to your life and reminds you of the important things. If you don’t feel like the classic pin board made of cork and are looking for a whiteboard for the wall that is itself an artwork, you will certainly find what you are looking for at DEQORI. The magnetic glass boards made of high-quality safety glass are provided with high-quality prints that make photos and graphics appear almost three-dimensional. Provided with a magnetic back wall, you can use these glass pictures as a practical pin board. All commercially available magnets are suitable for this. A great alternative to pinning to the fridge and as a decoration or centerpiece in your home or office.

The glass magnetic board will be delivered to your home with the appropriate attachment for wall mounting. So you can simply hang up the magnetic board like a normal picture. The attachment is also a spacer, so that the board is mounted elegantly at a distance from the wall. It almost looks like it’s floating. Since the board is scratch and impact resistant, it still shines like new even after long use. Of course, you can also use the magnetic glass board as a whiteboard, but you should always wipe it dry. But then it is of course absolutely colourfast and can be written on again and again. Thanks to the great photo film, it is the perfect combination of a pin board, a magnetic board and a unique design object with your personal favorite design.

You can find glass magnetic boards in our shop with many modern designs. It’s not just our food-themed designs which are wonderfully suited to magnetic boards for the kitchen, but our contemporary abstract designs as well. Natural designs and close-ups, such as pictures of tree bark or other natural structures, are particularly popular at the moment. But maybe you prefer the industrial look. Then we recommend concrete and stone designs, which are perfect as a magnetic board due to their smooth surface, but can also stand alone as a picture. The imagination knows no limits. If you can’t find what you’re looking for among our many designs, you can also easily design your magnetic board yourself, which makes it the perfect gift. Printed with a personal picture, you bring your loved ones a nice memory into their own home, which they can now think of every day. It only takes a few days from the production of your personal glass magnetic board to delivery to your home.

Thanks to the glass surface, your glass magnetic board goes perfectly with modern kitchens with a high-gloss surface. A big advantage of the material, especially in the kitchen, is that it can be cleaned quickly and easily. Thanks to the printing technique, the colours do not fade and your picture will shine like on the first day, even after a long time. Just the right thing for everything you need in everyday life, such as your favourite recipes or the shopping list.

If you want to bring more order into your family life, you will also find large magnetic boards at DEQORI. Here you can accommodate everything that occupies you and your families in everyday life. A whiteboard for the wall, for example in the hallway, makes it easier for you to keep track of all appointments and tasks. You can design the whiteboard picture so that it fits perfectly with your home. Maybe you like it simple so as not to distract from the content. A magnetic board in white makes the room look bright and friendly and can be combined with any colour. A little more extravagant is a magnetic board in black, which looks particularly elegant and high-quality thanks to the glass surface. The dark glass magnetic board also looks very nice if you also want to use it for notes with a washable pen, for example for mind maps or at meetings.

A glass magnetic board is also a useful home accessory for the children’s room. You will make your children very happy with the child-friendly designs that we have in our DEQORI shop. Since the glass board has rounded corners and the glass is shatterproof, you don’t have to worry about the board breaking quickly. The glass magnetic board gives your child the opportunity to simply hang drawings or homework on the wall and exchange them over and over again. In this way, your child can always shape their environment themselves and become creative. Maybe you would like to design a glass magnetic board together with your child. This is no problem thanks to our easy-to-use website. Here you will find magnetic boards in many different formats. With the configurator you can simply insert your favourite photo and position it exactly as you wish. The special printing technique also allows high-resolution images to come into their own.


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