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Cloakroom panels made from modern glass

A coat rack should not be missing in any home. In the entrance area of your apartment or house, the coat rack is the first thing your guests see of your home. A custom coat rack not only provides a great focal point, but also tells your guests something about you – at DEQORI, you can design your own bespoke glass coat rack.

The cloakroom panels at DEQORI are made from high-quality safety glass, which has a printed film on the back. Thanks to modern printing technology, it is possible to reproduce every design and photo uniquely well. As a result, photos appear three-dimensional and the colours are particularly radiant and brilliant. Of course, the glass coat rack has several stylish hooks for your jackets, coats and umbrella. The coat rack with stainless steel details fits well into timelessly furnished rooms and, depending on the design, can always be matched to your own decoration. The modern panel comes with matching wall anchors, which allows it to attach to the wall quickly and easily and should present no problem even for inexperienced tradespeople. Of course, the edges of the glass plate are rounded and carefully sanded. The coat rack is elegantly mounted at a small distance from the wall, which makes it appear almost weightless. Above the area with the coat hooks, the design is still clearly visible when the cloakroom is in use. The design coat rack is a great home accessory that works like a wall picture. It is particularly suitable for small hallways to inject some colour and to combine the useful with the beautiful. The wall panels will be made especially for you after your order and sent to you in a few days.

DEQORI’s coat racks are available in many modern and classic designs for you to choose from. You will find the different designs sorted by category and can browse here at your leisure for the perfect addition to your hallway. For example, there are many panels with beautiful landscapes that invite you to dream and travel. Coat rack panels with graphic and abstract designs are simpler and just as trendy, for example as a wall coat rack in white, which complement modern living very well with contemporary graphic designs. You can also order white panels with a marble design that brings some Italian flair into your home. Of course, you can also choose your design coat rack in a single colour. A cloakroom panel in grey appears reserved and elegant, but by no means like a ‘grey mouse’ thanks to the high-quality glass design. A little more sparkling and extravagant are coat racks in gold, silver or copper effects. The metal look looks deceptively real through the glass, which is intensified by light falling from the side. On the other hand, you can achieve a modern industrial look with great stone or concrete effect decor. The design with glass and stainless steel stands out and ensures that the coat rack looks both chic and clean.

Monochrome or calmly patterned coat racks are particularly suitable for use as a small pin and note board at the same time. With an erasable marker, you can leave messages to loved ones, jot down important dates, or simply come up with a motto that you renew according to the season and the occasion. Since there is a metal surface on the back, you can also use the panels with strong magnets (neodymium magnets) to pin photos and notes here. This additional function is not only a great way for families to use limited living space and structure everyday life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re coming home or going out – here you will be reminded of everything important that you still have to do.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for among the numerous DEQORI designs or if you have your own ideas for your coat rack, you can easily design the new coat rack yourself. In the shop you can upload your own photos and designs and place them on the panel exactly as you like. A self-designed coat rack is also a great eye-catcher in the children’s room, for example with a picture of your child that you have painted yourself or a photo of your favourite animal. The only limit is your imagination. Of course, a custom coat rack is not just for the little ones. How about, for example, a coat rack with a family photo in the hallway or a snapshot from your last holiday?


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