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Kitchen splashbacks made of glass – practical splash protection for every kitchen

When cooking, it is often unavoidable that sauces and fat splash on the back wall of the kitchen. The wall behind the sink also has to be cleaned more often, as water quickly splashes onto the wall when washing dishes, draining pasta or filling up the cleaning bucket. Depending on how the wall is designed, these stains are often difficult to remove or even leave permanent marks on the tile joints or wallpaper. In rented flats, it is often particularly difficult to redesign the kitchen wall, since there is usually already a splashback. Or you would like to do without tiles and prefer to design the wall differently. The perfect solution to still protect your wall is a modern kitchen splashback made of glass. Kitchen splashbacks can simply be glued to the wall, for which various adhesion options are available depending on the surface, which can usually be removed again without a trace. This makes it very easy to design the back wall according to your own wishes – either as a very simple kitchen back wall in grey or with an attractive design that spices up the kitchen at the same time.

The kitchen splashback made from glass with a design is covered with a high-quality printed film that really brings out the colours. Through the glass, photo designs appear almost three-dimensional and make the splashback a design home accessory. Due to the printing technology, the colours do not fade even after years and the kitchen splashback retains its great appearance despite daily cleaning. Especially behind the stove, where there are temperature fluctuations, the glass remains stable and does not deform. The splashback is made of safety glass, which is extremely scratch-resistant. Not only is it easy to put up, but it won’t break if you need to remove it. Even if you knock against it, the kitchen splashback will not be damaged. The edges are carefully finished and slightly rounded so you can’t bump or cut yourself here.

Natural designs, such as those that mimic stone or wood, can be reproduced in a deceptively real way. The advantage here, however, is that the splash guard can be easily cleaned with a commercially available cleaner and no special care is required, as would be the case with wood or marble. Whether in your own home or in a rented flat, you can bring the popular marble look into your own home inexpensively and easily. Because the kitchen splashback from DEQORI is available in different formats, you can redesign parts or the entire splashback behind your worktop with little effort. In rented flats, it can be easily removed when you move out and it can be taken with you. A kitchen splashback in black made of safety glass is particularly well suited as an addition to modern high-gloss kitchens. It gives the kitchen a modernist flair and replaces the standard backsplash that is often installed in rented flats. You can also make your kitchen splashback a bit more colourful with colourful tile patterns that look like real tiles from afar. The advantage here is not only the quick redesign, but also the absence of tile joints, which can quickly become unsightly, especially behind the stove. Another tip is a modern kitchen splashback made of glass, which is printed with a recurring, natural design, such as flowers. It is a great alternative to wallpaper, which of course is not suitable for this area of application. Modern flower designs as a glass splash guard make your kitchen homely and cosy.

Of course, the glass tip protection is also suitable for the bathroom. Since most bathrooms are extensively tiled, it’s difficult to remodel them without having a construction site in the house. In a rented apartment, it is usually not possible to redesign the tiles in the bathroom. You can attach a glass bathroom back wall yourself and give your bathroom a makeover in just a few minutes. The glass splash guard is well suited, for example, to protect the wall behind the hand washbasin from water stains and soap residue. You can design your bathroom back wall individually: either in a trendy brick look, in an elegant marble look or with a photo motif that you have designed yourself. The imagination knows no limits. Of course, DEQORI also offers monochrome splash guards for the bathroom. If you would like to attach a bathroom back wall over the bathtub, you should look around at DEQORI among the great abstract motifs or browse through the landscape motifs. On your wellness evening, they invite you to dream in the tub and give your bathroom a cozy ambience. If you also use your bathtub for showering, the glass is very well suited to protecting the upper wall surface against splashing water. There is usually no backsplash here and the wall therefore has to be repainted more often. A simple and customized solution to quickly and modernly renovate your shower.


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