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Design your glass coffee table

Perhaps you have a standard coffee table, but would like to redesign your home and furnish it more personally. Instead of the standard tables, you will find amazing glass coffee tables at DEQORI, whose surface you can pick from numerous templates or design one to your own taste. Whether you want a glass table in black or a coffee table in gold, thanks to the many great designs to be found at DEQORI, you can easily unleash your style and redecorate your glass coffee table to match your other furniture.

The glass from DEQORI is high-quality safety glass with a highly scratch-resistant surface. There’s no risk of your table being marked with unsightly water or red wine stains, as is the case with wooden tables or stone surfaces. That’s why a glass table in the living room is the perfect solution, not just if you’ve got small children. A coffee table with glass is also very suitable for other living areas, because the glass top is not only easy to clean and durable, but also adds a stylish touch to your home. Of course, the edges of the glass top are smoothed, so that the coffee tables with a modern look are well suited for every living area. Small rubber feet are attached to the underside of the glass plate, which prevent the plate from slipping.

The glass table is designed with a high-quality printing technique. A printed film is applied to the underside of the glass plate. As a result, the prints appear very brilliant and almost three-dimensional. Glass tables are such an effective eye-catcher.

Depending on how you want to design your table, you will find many beautiful designs at DEQORI: Marble coffee tables, for example, are very popular and, from a distance, appear deceptively when made with printed glass. In contrast to expensive marble, the surface of the glass is much less easily damaged and can be easily maintained. A marble-look coffee table is a great alternative for your modern home and at the same time complete suited to everyday use. Just as practical and classic are glass tables that are designed with a wood effect. Whether coffee tables in modern oak or beech or as side tables, the wood effect gives the glass table a homely and cozy look. A glass table in gold looks classy, because the gold surface looks deceptively real through the glass top and shimmers in the light. A coffee table in gold goes well with gold home accessories, such as lamps and gold picture frames.

White furniture, for example a side table in white, is very popular for bright and spacious rooms. Along with plain-coloured models, you will find many designs in different styles at DEQORI in light shades or with great contrasting colours that look particularly good. Contemporary abstract designs make a glass table an extravagant home accessory that can compete with any work of art on the wall. Those who prefer the understated look will also find numerous designs in black, which makes the table look modern and cool. Coffee tables with an industrial look are currently very popular. They can have a metal finish or imitate a rough brick or concrete surface. In contrast to what it is designed to imitate, glass is much more compatible with your everyday life. So if you want to add this trend to your home, you should definitely browse through our shop.

For those who like it colourful, a glass plate with coloured patterns is great. Perhaps you have previously covered your table with a tablecloth or toyed with the idea of painting your old wooden table in bright colours. Both can look nice and cozy, but in everyday life, it means frequent washing of the tablecloth or protection of the wooden surface. DEQORI has current patterns in its range, ranging from ornaments to floral patterns and animal designs. The large selection makes it easy for you to find the right design for your home. Of course, you can also have your glass coffee table printed with your own photo or pattern. This can simply be uploaded and positioned on the glass plate as desired. Thanks to DEQORI’s clear website, it is easy to design the table with the image you want, to add lettering or to compare different designs of your own. Just try it out and see which table could soon be in your home.

A glass coffee table is also a nice gift for housewarming or for a child’s room because it can be customised. Comic and animal photo designs are popular with children.


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