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Magnetic Boards


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Explore frameless and unique magnetic boards from DEQORI

Magnetic boards are particularly practical companions. They serve as a pinboard to contain notes and important information. On a magnetic wall, you can quickly share important information with all residents of the house. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a shared apartment or together with your family. Shopping lists, important information about the rent or about upcoming events are quickly visible to everyone. But such a magnetic board is also practical in your own room. After all, you can attach numerous sticky notes and never forget an important thought again. In common rooms, you can even use the board to write loving messages. Who doesn’t enjoy finding a few nice words when entering a room?

In this category you will find various whiteboards with a magnetic base. The boards made out of metal sheet are suitable for all tourist magnets and all common refrigerator magnets, while for the magnetic boards made out of glass you can use only neodymium magnets. They can therefore also be used as a decorative object. Memories also collect well here. Pinning magnets from the last vacation or various photos is no problem. In addition, the boards themselves are individually designed. They also make great wall decorations. The pinboards are characterized by many different motifs. Our wide range of themes certainly includes numerous motifs that suit your taste. Do you like bright colors or strong colors? Do you prefer black and white objects? No matter in which theme world or color spectrum you are looking, you will definitely find something here. Simply compare the different product titles and click on the respective product. See the description of the respective product for more details and specifics. Since all products are unique fabrications, unless otherwise stated, you always receive a one-of-a-kind. This means you should expect slight color variations from the original on our website. At the same time, you also get a unique piece that was specially made to your order. Your magnetic wall is unique and can’t be found anywhere else.

In this category you will find magnetic boards with a metal base. They are made of robust metal sheet. In addition, there are magnetic boards made of real glass. The magnetic boards made of glass are particularly elegant and timeless. The material is delicate. Glass is not quite as stable as metal. But our modern production process also delivers a robust product here. You can always expect top quality and stability. After all, we want you to enjoy this object for a long time. Your product should stay safely on the wall. That’s why the material is durable. We also enable very easy installation thanks to attachments on the back panel. This gives you the option of attaching the metal or glass magnetic boards to a different location at any time. The glass whiteboards are basically suitable for any room. They are particularly beautiful additions, especially in the living room or bedroom.

Are you looking for a decorative object that also fulfills a particularly high level of functionality? Then a glass or metal pinboard like this is just right for you. The beautiful motif immediately makes a home look nicer. At the same time, you have a pinboard and can quickly share information with everyone else. Never forget an important thought again. With this pinboard, it’s a pleasure to write down notes. Just click through the various products here and choose one that suits your style and taste. Our images are frameless to ensure the focus remains solely on the artwork itself, allowing it to stand out in any room without the need to worry about whether the frame complements your decor. With a frameless design, you won’t need to consider whether a plastic frame clashes with a wood-dominated interior, for example. These images are intentionally crafted to eliminate such concerns. Embrace the decorative and functional versatility of our frameless artworks, produced using 100% eco-friendly methods. You can hang them both horizontally and vertically, giving you the freedom to customize your home according to your vision. There are no limits to what you can achieve in your space.


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