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Wall Art


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Design your home with XXL wall art from DEQORI

Are you still looking for exquisite wall decor options to elevate your interior space? Do you have areas in your home characterized by empty walls that are awaiting a transformation? Look no further than this category, where you’ll discover an array of sophisticated wall art selections. These refined home decor solutions promise to infuse vibrancy and sophistication into your living environment. Dive into our extensive collection and uncover a wide variety of wall art pieces tailored to meet your individual needs.

Wall pictures are a great way to bring new life to a room. They are decorative, possibly remind of beautiful moments and bring color to white walls. With the wall décor in this category, you can quickly redesign your home. The wall pictures are made of different materials. This way you can find a model that goes well with your furnishing style. Do you prefer it classic and elegant? Do you have a very modern furnishing style? Or are you artistically talented and also show this in your living spaces? No matter what your furnishing style looks like, a wall picture is always a good addition. The various wall pictures in this category include, for example, canvas pictures. This wall decoration in canvas look is a special hybrid model. It combines brilliant color quality with the haptic canvas surface. This gives you a very special model. This model is just right, especially for very creative people and nature lovers. It has a natural charm and brings this into every home. In addition to the wall pictures in canvas look, you will also find wall pictures made of real glass and acrylic glass here. These pictures are designed to be much more modern. They have a very classic and at the same time delicate look. Glass is a particularly beautiful design element in a classically and eloquently designed household. It is an element that never goes out of fashion. These timeless pictures therefore fit on any wall and with any furnishing style.

Whether your preference leans towards contemporary canvas art or glass wall art, you’ll discover a diverse range of options in this category. Our curated selection ensures that every individual finds something tailored to their unique taste. Each piece is available in various dimensions and sizes, including XXL wall art for those seeking larger designs. Explore the wide spectrum of themes and styles on offer, with detailed product descriptions providing essential information on dimensions and specifications. As all our products are crafted on-demand, you can rest assured that your selection will be specifically tailored to your preferences. At the same time, you can proudly claim that no one has exactly the same picture on the wall as you do. While slight color variations from the original image on our website may occur, this only adds to the charm of owning a unique creation.

The glass pictures and the canvas pictures are made of robust materials. They are stable and durable. They are also particularly easy to clean. The installation is quite simple thanks to attachments on the back. You don’t have to be a hobby handyman to put up these pictures at any time. Thanks to the simple installation, you can also quickly change the location. At the same time, they sit securely. This even applies to children’s rooms. Even if a pillow or a ball flies through the room, the pictures should usually stay on the wall. And if an accident does happen, the material is usually stable enough to survive it. So if you’re looking for a decorative object that will stay with you for a long time, you’ve found one here.

Our modern process will ensure that colors and contrasts really stand out. After all, color quality is an important feature. Therefore, all our pictures shine in the best brilliance. They ensure that your empty walls soon appear in new colors. Across our diverse range of products, you can find soft colors, strong colors and also black-and-white motifs among the different products. Just take a look around. With just a few clicks, you get a unique piece for your home. Moreover, consider gifting one of our beautiful wall art pieces to friends and family, especially as a housewarming present. Simply choose a motif that resonates with the recipient or reflects a shared experience, creating a thoughtful gift that will adorn their home for years to come.


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