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A head turner in your four walls: personalized pictures

A household comprises many practical tools, such as the fridge, the stove or the television. But it’s the little things to make a household a real home, where you feel good and want to spend time. You don’t need to fill your home from floor to ceiling with different decorations, but just a few products guarantee more cosiness. We advise you to use personalized pictures on glass, because not only does this let you bring cherished moments of your life to the fore, but thanks to the material, they will also be preserved for many years.

Why not buy a finished picture?

If you stroll through a furniture store or look around the internet, you will find many different pictures. Suppliers have gone wild, from typical landscapes to skylines and animals to people, sayings and plants, all of your heart’s desires are there. However, these designs all have one drawback in common: they’re not unique. One thousand other people could have exactly the same picture hanging on their wall and then the individuality is quickly lost. Of course, it might not worry you, but soon your whole apartment might look like a furniture store. Beyond that, you have no personal connection to the picture. You just liked it, so now it’s hanging in your home. But do you feel something when you look at the picture? Do you remember a moment that you cherish? Certainly not, because at the end of the day it’s just a standard picture that lacks any deeper meaning.

Personalized pictures in glass

Venture away from the well trodden path of all the same designs and opt for a personalized wall photo. Instead of buying off the shelf, you choose which picture will be on the wall later. Of course, you can have it printed on canvas or a poster, but glass prints are what is on trend right now. These have numerous advantages, starting with the fact that glass is a very strong, durable and resilient material. Imagine the following situation: You hang up your personalized picture in the kitchen, a nice photo from your last holiday with your family. When cooking, however, it happens that some sauce splashes or spits and lands directly on the canvas or poster. They are not moisture protected, so either the stain stays or you’ll ruin the picture trying to clean it. If the same happened with a glass picture, the picture is framed in the glass, so if the glass comes into contact with moisture, nothing happens. You just wipe off the sauce and your picture will be as good as new. Therefore, a wall picture made of glass is particularly suitable for all rooms where there is high humidity, such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

Another plus is longevity. Particularly with posters, but also on canvas, colors can fade over the years and the former beauty fades with it. Not the case with a glass picture, because the colors are protected from the environment and remain as brilliant and intense as they were at the start, even after decades. If, on the other hand, you plan to change your place of residence in the next few years, the glass picture can come with you. You don’t have to be careful or particularly hesitant when transporting it – the robust material can withstand a move without any problems. So in the end, it all comes down to what image you want on glass. The vast world of pictures and photographs lies wide open to you. We advise you to choose designs with a personal meaning. It doesn’t matter if others can’t relate to that meaning, what matters is how you feel when you look at the personalized images. In the best case, a smile will always come across your face when you take a look at the photo. Here is a small reminder of the most popular photo ideas: family, pets, holidays, trips and celebrations.

A personal gift

personalized pictures can transform your home in an instant and add personality, but don’t just think of yourself, a glass wall photograph also makes a wonderful gift. Photo gifts for women and men are en vogue because they show that you put some thought into it. After all, you wouldn’t just go to the nearest shop and buy some unimaginative gift, you put some imagination into what that person might like. Not only that, but you also have to design and commission the picture yourself. In this respect, personalized pictures are not only something to look at, but you also give the person your time. Which picture you frame is of course up to you. It is important, however, that you do not think about what you might like, but what the other person would be happy about. Opinions differ and in the end it should bring joy to the receiver of the gift more than you. So take some time for the photo gifts for men and women and personalize them according to the ideas of the person. We guarantee that in the end not only the picture will make an impression, but also the glass. After all, glass radiates a quality and elegance that you would never achieve with a simple wooden frame, canvas or poster.

Design it yourself in just a few steps

Whether you have gift ideas in mind or want the glass personalized for you, the design takes less than five minutes. First, you can use our configurator to decide the dimensions that you want. It doesn’t have to be a picture – a wall clock or something similar is also an option. So think carefully about how you want to best present the personalized picture. Then upload the picture and crop it perfectly to the right format in just a few clicks. You might want to leave it there and simply hand over the order to us. However, we also offer you the opportunity to individualize it, for example, you can write something on the picture, add a freehand drawing or other little things that make a simple picture into a true masterpiece. As soon as you are completely satisfied with the wall picture, glass clock or similar, you send us the order. We get to work immediately and ensure that the photo impresses with brilliant and long-lasting colors of the highest quality.

Come and see the personalized pictures for yourself

Personalized pictures are en vogue and finally make your four walls a real home. When you can immerse yourself in your personal story, it certainly makes you feel comfortable and happy. However, you shouldn’t be reliant on classic media such as canvas or posters – your pictures deserve special treatment: glass. A glass picture puts your design in focus and at the same time the material is extremely robust, durable and easy to care for. Even in the kitchen or bathroom, you don’t have to worry that your picture will soon lose its beauty, so choose our service and ensure that unforgettable moments are duly immortalized.

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