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Decor Glass Trends 2023 – What Can’t Be Missed

It’s the little things that make you feel completely comfortable at home. You don’t have to plaster your four walls with different decorations, but just a few tasteful touches guarantee that you will hardly ever want to leave the house. The world of decoration is simply vast, because new products are added almost every day that could also convince you. So that you don’t get overwhelmed by the possibilities, we show the current decoration trends for 2023. You can use them as inspiration or implement them directly.

Glass is on trend in 2023

When it comes to trends, there is one material you can’t avoid: glass. Glass is not only very popular in the kitchen, it is also an excellent material for many different decorative objects. Above all, glass pictures are indispensable, because they bring numerous advantages. The main thing is that you can stage your pictures in a different way. Classic canvases, posters or picture frames are outdated, but a glass picture looks modern and futuristic, but can also fit into any existing concept. The image does not lie on the glass, but is embedded in it. This has another advantage, because classic photos and images can slowly lose their beauty due to various environmental influences. You usually have to replace them after just a few years because the colours have faded. Not with the glass 2023 decoration trends, because the fact that the picture is embedded in the glass protects it from environmental influences. This is especially true for moisture, such as in the bathroom or kitchen. Even if you splash water directly on the picture, you can just wipe it off and nothing will happen.

Certainly, glass is particularly impressive when it comes to wall decoration, but the material can be used in many other areas. Vases are true classics, which will be much more unusual in 2023. Many manufacturers work with impressive forms that showcase the beauty of the material. Many exciting textures and patterns are used. Even without you putting anything in the vase, it shines all along the line. Glass candlesticks are also very popular. Candlesticks, primarily in bright colours, inspire together with the play of flames, which ensure the most beautiful reflections on the material. So if you want to try out the latest trends, you can’t go without glass in 2023.

More wall decoration trends

Glass pictures are just a trend, which you can of course combine with the following highlights. 2023 is the year of pattern and texture. Instead of putting a classic picture on the wall, such as a landscape or skyline, patterns and textures are used. The main advantage is that you can create an eye-catcher in no time at all, without it being unpleasantly different from your previous room concept. Our tip: stone look. Pictures with a stone look immediately provide more cosiness and at the same time they make your home look more natural. The stone look can not only shine on the wall, but also various decorative objects benefit from it. Especially in the kitchen there are almost endless possibilities, such as stove covers or chopping boards. This immediately creates a focal point in the room and you can upgrade even rather simple rooms with a few simple steps.

When it comes to patterns, you have a huge range to choose from. You can opt for a break in style or a harmonious coexistence. This means that either the pattern fits perfectly into your home and complements it with another layer, or the pattern is completely different from your previous concept. With the latter, an eye-catcher is immediately provided in the room, which will certainly draw everyone’s attention. On the other hand, if you love modernity and simplicity, then a line art wall painting is the right choice for you. The lines come together to form an image. Its simplicity allows it to be easily combined with other images without attracting negative attention. Pop art, on the other hand, is gaudy. In recent years in particular, pop art has increasingly come to the fore and in 2023 it is impossible to imagine life without it. The strong and contrasting colours are perfect for rooms that are otherwise rather plainly furnished. You add a pop of colour and thereby increase the feeling of well-being. Another trend is similar: neon. Thanks to a dark background, the bright neon colours come into their own and almost appear as if they are actually glowing. Whether in the gaming den or in the living room, neon is a must in 2023. Note: It depends not only on the type of wall decoration, but also on its size. If you still have a lot of free walls, go ahead and choose a large and impressive picture.

Useful and yet an eye-catcher

Most people associate decoration with something that slowly gathers dust. Their only purpose is to look beautiful, but it doesn’t have to be. There is definitely decoration that connects two worlds: it is practical and attractive at the same time. That’s why we need to take a step back from the glass 2023 decor trends and turn to magnetic boards instead. A magnetic board seems simple at first, because it has a simple task. Thanks to small magnets, you can hang the shopping list or photos on it, for example. But it is precisely this fact that makes the magnetic board the perfect decorative item for 2023. You can design the board differently at any time by simply attaching other pictures to it. But consider not only the photos, but also the magnets. There are many different shapes of magnets on the market, which alone are a real eye-catcher. Everything together makes the magnetic board a practical and beautiful decorative item that can even help you in everyday life.

Unique DEQORI magnet board with a beautiful pattern.

Where are my keys again?’ If you recognise this situation, then the next decoration is just right for you: a key box. Just like magnetic boards, it also looks very simple at first glance, but it has numerous advantages, the first one being the search for your keys finally coming to an end. You hang all the keys in the box and close it. This means they are always in one place and ready to hand when you need them. At the same time, a key box does not just have to be a simple block, but there are several variants. Even now we can recommend glass to you again. This is available in colour, clear and milky. The advantage of a crystal-clear box is that you can see directly which keys are currently hanging inside. But all other variants ensure that you are happy to put your key in the box every day. Our tip: Decide on an interior light that comes on as soon as you open the key box. This way you keep track and don’t accidentally grab the wrong key.

The big world of decoration

The glass decoration trends for 2023 are diverse, varied and individual. You don’t have to buy anything off the shelf, but with us you can customise many decorative items according to your wishes. Especially personal pictures are in trend and make an apartment look much more comfortable and individual in no time at all. However, murals can also have various patterns and textures, because these complement each other perfectly with other materials and thus ensure a harmonious overall picture. In addition to the classic of a picture, there are many other decoration trends that are simply a part of 2023. Including magnetic boards and key boxes. They have the advantage that, thanks to glass, they are not only very durable and look elegant, but also have practical properties. After all, you can change a magnetic board at any time and use it to attach important notes, while the key box becomes a home for your keys so that you don’t lose them again. So take a look around our range and discover the glass decoration trends for 2023!

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