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Wall Art – Mountains Night Sky

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Multi-piece Wall Art – Mountains Night Sky made of glass stand out any wall

It doesn’t have to be new furniture, sometimes a room is just missing a picture. Of course, there are many ways to showcase your photos, but a multi-panel glass wall picture is the perfect choice. Your photos won’t just be displayed with high colour brilliance, they will also be protected against the environment. A big plus is that you can combine the decoration with any furnishing style. Thanks to their high flexibility, glass pictures are just as impressive in the bathroom as they are in the living room, children’s room or bedroom.

A high quality material

With glass, you’re probably worried that it’s easy to get scratches or cracks, but you don’t have to worry about that. We only use four-millimetre-thick toughened safety glass or acrylic (PMMA). Both types are characterised by their long service life, because although they are made of glass, they are neither sensitive nor fragile. So you don’t have to worry about easily damaging the glass. Instead, it comes to you in shatterproof packaging and can be placed directly on the wall. Even relocations do not pose any danger to the glass if you pack the Wall Art – Mountains Night Sky safely.

Protect your wall décor

With canvas or a poster, you certainly know the problems with environmental conditions, where moisture in particular poses a great danger. If such wall decorations become too damp, the colours will run and they will be stained. Not only does that look ugly, but it ruins the material. You don’t have to worry about that with glass Wall Art – Mountains Night Sky, because your picture is safe behind the glass. So if the decoration comes into contact with moisture, such as in the bathroom or the kitchen, it does not penetrate to the design. Instead, it is stopped by the glass pane. This has another advantage, because dirt can just be wiped away. You don’t have to pay attention to the picture because glass is a very low-maintenance medium.

Attached quickly and easily

Putting up a picture is not always as easy as you think, especially if you have decided on an XXL design, which can be very complicated. We aim to avoid this by offering pre-assembled wall brackets. In this respect, you unpack the wall pictures and can attach them immediately. In addition, we work with spacers on the back. These ensure that the picture protrudes a few millimetres from the wall. This results in an impressive, modern floating effect, which puts even simple designs in the spotlight.

Which picture should it be?

You can choose two ways: First you can choose one of our ready-made designs, such as this one. We also offer you other designs, from modern and futuristic to classic and traditional to romantic, exciting, child-friendly or close to nature. You will find the perfect picture for every room, where we play with the individual parts. This makes an image look even more impressive. But you can also use your own photos. Just upload them and design the multi-part glass pictures. You not only choose the design, but also the dimensions and placement. So the picture can be very large and imposing, but smaller depictions can also be made. Of course, we guarantee that every photo is of the highest possible quality. For this we work with modern nanotechnology, which brings with it high colour saturation and contrast. At the same time, an impressive 3D colour depth effect is created.

Discover the possibilities

Multi-part wall pictures are en vogue because they take even a simple design to the next level. You will not only be amazed by our large selection of designs, but the medium of glass is ideal for pictures. It is durable, robust and easy to care for. At the same time, it protects your picture from the environment, so mounting them in the bathroom or kitchen is not a problem.


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Acrylic, Glass


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Glass Thickness

4 mm


The colors shown may differ from the original depending on the monitor and resolution.

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