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Wall Clock – Mountains With Accents

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An eye-catcher: the Wall Clock – Mountains With Accents

Looking at a clock can be about more than just telling the time. Clocks are a household accessory and can underline and even emphasise one’s own style of living without losing their practicality. There are certainly many different models of clock, but one type has come to the fore in recent years: glass wall clocks. Glass is the perfect material for clocks and a plethora of different designs are on the market.

Why is glass the right material?

Most clocks are made of wood, the original material that has been used for centuries. However, wood is very susceptible to environmental damage. Moisture in particular can pose a great threat, because it penetrates the pores of the wood and causes it to swell. This not only destroys the look of the wood, but can also lead to technical problems. Glass is different and a glass clock has a number of advantages, starting with the smudge-proof and waterproof surface. Whether the clock is hung in the bathroom or the kitchen, you don’t need to worry about humidity. Moisture just rolls off the material and if it ever gets dirty, you wipe the dirt off. This means that glass wall clocks last for years without having their beauty diminished.

Another plus is that modern glass is extremely robust. We use only four-millimetre-thick toughened safety glass, which brings high durability. You won’t have to handle the clock with kid gloves because you’re afraid that it will break at a moment’s notice. Quite the contrary, because glass Wall Clock – Mountains With Accents are very robust and durable. Even moving is no problem for them. Even better: All of our glass wall clocks are produced in a climate-neutral manner. We use 100 percent green electricity, so not only do you get a beautiful clock, but a clear conscience too.

Which variant would you like?

We offer you different types of clocks which always rely on quartz movement. In this respect, the clock does not tick, which is a great advantage in the bedroom or living room. In addition, you do not have to constantly wind the clock up, you just insert the batteries. After you set the time, it runs correctly until the batteries are flat. This saves you work and lets you just enjoy the beauty without the ticking noise. Speaking of beauty we offer you different variants of clock. We will briefly present your options.

The shape: you can choose between a classic round or a modern square shape. The round Wall Clock – Mountains With Accents comes with a bevelled edge so you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself. Round clocks are very classic and can give a room that certain something without being too obtrusive. But if you want a contemporary look, opt for an angular clock face. Square clocks are unusual, modern and handsome, depending on the design. Of course, we rely on slightly rounded corners to increase both robustness and safety. But there is nothing wrong with using different clocks in your home.

The size: what size should it be? The size always depends on the hanging location. This means that if you want to be able to read the clock from a large distance, the dimensions have to increase. But if it hangs in a small room, a model with smaller dimensions will do. Otherwise, you shouldn’t just consider the practical advantages, but the style too. Large clocks in particular can replace a picture and create a centrepiece for the room.

The clock face: The purpose of the clock face is showing you the time. However, the dial can do a lot more, because depending on the type, it can perfectly complete the clock and round off the look. You can choose between three forms of dial: classic, modern or roman. All three types are beautiful in their own way and inspire in connection with the material and the chosen design. Attention: You can decide to add some contrast. This means that if your home is very modern, for example, a classic or Roman dial could be an eye-catcher and contrast with the main style. So take your time and have a look around and discover the right clock for you!

Also with your own design: If you couldn’t find a suitable design and would rather have a very personal and individual wall clock, you have the option of having your own photo printed on the clock.


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