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The right choice for your kitchen: stone-look chopping boards

For many people, the kitchen is the centre of life, because this is where the parties take place, where the fridge is full and where you can spend time with your family. But the main point of a kitchen is to let you cook in a relaxed way. There are many different tools at your disposal for this, from the hob to the saucepan. But there is one little thing that is unfortunately all too often forgotten when someone equips their kitchen: the chopping board. A chopping board is essential to prepare various ingredients before cooking. But a heads up for you: do away with classic materials such as wood or plastic; the future belongs to the glass chopping board.

Wood is not the right solution

Chopping boards come in many different shapes. A true classic has existed for centuries: the wooden chopping board. However, wood has numerous disadvantages, which is why you should use another material instead. The reason is that you leave tiny nicks, scratches and other damage in the wood with the knife. Not only does water or meat juice penetrate the wood, causing the material to swell, but it is also a paradise for germs and bacteria. Even by washing up, you can only get rid of these pests to a limited extent and later they will be transferred to your food. This is unhygienic and sometimes even hazardous to health. You don’t have to worry about it with glass, because that just won’t happen.

Why is glass the right choice for the kitchen?

There are many reasons why you should choose glass. First and foremost, it is much more hygienic. The damage that is caused by knifes, as mentioned, is a thing of the past with glass. We use high-quality, robust glass, which will show hardly any signs of wear even after years. This means that no germs or bacteria can spread. Even if there are any scratches, you don’t have to worry about it. It is best to imagine this in such a way that germs cannot stay on the glass. They cannot ‘hold on’ and are simply washed away during rinsing. It is different with wood, because the bacteria literally ‘cling’ to the rough structure and so are not removed. This means that glass is much more hygienic, which doesn’t just benefits you. Small children in particular benefit from the high level of hygiene, because they react much more severely to various germs and bacteria. Thanks to glass, you avoid any problems or even health issues.

Another plus is easy cleaning. You only need some lukewarm water and the chopping board is clean again. You only need a drop of washing-up liquid for stubborn caked on food or dirt. Here you have the same advantage as with the germs, because dirt hardly sticks to the smooth surface. Instead, you can easily wipe bacteria away. By the way: Most glass chopping boards are dishwasher safe, so you save work when cleaning. Glass is surprisingly robust. Of course, you always have the image of shattering glass in your head, but a chopping board made of the material is different. Even if you treat it a bit roughly, it won’t cause any damage. This in turn means that the glass chopping board will last for many years.

Perhaps you’ve come across the issue if you’ve worked with a wooden board for a while: At some point it will take on the smell and taste of the various foods you have chopped on it. It’s not just unpleasant, it’s actually pretty disgusting. After all, you probably don’t want your fresh strawberries to suddenly taste like spring onions. This problem is also a thing of the past with glass. The material is completely odorless and also odor resistant. It doesn’t matter whether you process strong-tasting foods on it or not, the board is like new after rinsing.

The right look

The first glass chopping boards looked very simplistic. They were either clear or made of translucent milky glass. Of course you can use something like that in your kitchen, but how about an eyecatcher that visually complements your kitchen? This is possible if you choose a stone-look chopping board. It is still glass, but underneath is an image of different types of stone. Granite, slate and marble are particularly popular. This not only gives you the numerous advantages of glass as a material, but also makes the chopping board a real eyecatcher. This is especially useful if you don’t want to put the board away every time. Instead, you leave it in the open in the kitchen and the granite, marble or slate look makes it a centrepiece. We recommend a stone effect chopping board, especially in kitchens that otherwise look a bit boring or plain. In no time at all, you can create a eye-catching yet practical focal point to your kitchen.

More stone looks to complement

Stone is an excellent material that stands out for its uniqueness and elegance. But if you don’t want to put a thick and heavy stone slab in your kitchen, the stone-look chopping board is just one of the good choices open to you. A hob cover with a stone look can also impress right from first impressions. You can create a new look in just a few simple steps and even glean some extra advantages, because a hob cover protects the hob. Imagine the following scenario: You take something out of your cupboard and it falls out of your hand directly onto the hob. In the worst case, it breaks and is then unusable. This is exactly what you prevent with a ceramic hob cover. Another advantage: Children and pets are also protected, because if you forgot to turn off one of the rings, there will be no burns if they touch the hob. They’re practical: If you don’t need the cover at the moment, you simply slide it up and it will be out of the way.

Already shine by breakfast

Not only can you beautify your worktop thanks to the slate, marble or granite look, but your breakfast table too. We offer you stone-look breakfast boards, which cut a fine figure on any table. Especially in connection with a wooden table, the stone print looks very high class and at the same time ensures a slight contrast in style. In addition, each family member could get their own board, which you can tell apart based on the type of stone. Children in particular love it when they have their very own things. It is best to look for the breakfast boards together with your little ones, so that in the end everyone is happy with their choice. This makes breakfast a little adventure and really stylish at the same time.

Opt for the stone look!

The stone look is en vogue and can turn any kitchen into a real eyecatcher. It doesn’t matter which style your kitchen is in; Whether modern, classic, rustic or futuristic – a stone-look chopping board is always turns heads and provides an attractive centrepiece without having to forego any practical advantages. After all, glass is the perfect material for chopping boards because it is both durable and hygienic as well as odourless, taste-resistant and easy to care for. Therefore, opt for glass in your kitchen to enjoy the numerous advantages directly!

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